Gatwick Hotel Services

If you stay in the Gatwick international airport in London, you can utilize Gatwick hotel with parking offered there. It is one of many 4 star hotels that is positioned in the northern and southern part of Terminal Gatwick. Hotels that are located in the northern part of Terminal Gatwick offers 518 luxurious bedrooms along with a parking package consists of 8 to 15 days. The services offered including stay and park, restaurant, gym, internet access, connected to terminal building and it is non smoking hotel. As those hotels are located in the North Terminal, you do not need to take a shuttle to go to the airport for the terminal access is opened 24 hours a day.

As aforementioned that one of services offered by Gatwick hotels is stay and park gatwick. You do not need to worry about the parking area in the hotels (if you bring your personal car with you) for they offer a parking package consisting of 8 to 15 days that you can book at the day you are staying in the hotel. Moreover, you do not need to pay for pre-booked for they do not take any charge for it. Other features offered by Gatwick hotels are bars and restaurants that present cocktails, meals, snacks and even catering so you can bring it to your hotel room.

Moreover, the hotels are equipped with Business and Conference Center consists of 14 rooms. Then, if you want to have meeting there, you do not need to bring your laptop for that place is equipped with PC along with printing and fax service. In addition to those aforementioned hotel features, the hotels also equipped with video surveillance and security staff to watch the activity inside the hotels so your safety is secured. Staying in Gatwick hotels will give you unforgettable memory.