6 Australia Monuments; Tourism, Landscape, and Civilization

Holiday is around the corner, and it is the time for you to fix your holiday plan! Regarding you have been roaming to many country in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa, maybe it is the right time for you to enjoy the gorgeous Australia. Thus, here I give 6 monuments to see while traveling in Australia for your holiday reference.

Although the value of Dollar Australia is increasing and has beaten the value of US Dollar, the number of visitors in Australia is not lessening. That it true, for Australia has been promoting its tourism; one of them is by struggling for Sydney Opera House to be one of the Seven Wonders. Australia is actually popular as a country which is rich of landscapes, beaches, wildlife, and civilization artifact. Among the six monuments in Australia, the most popular one is the Sydney Opera House. Hence, if you visit the spot, you will enjoy the luxurious building, as well as enjoying the breeze and the waves swaying. One word for the monument: mesmerizing. Still strolling along in Sydney, the second monument worth-visiting is the Sydney Tower. The beautiful landscape of Sydney is offered here, and it also offers full-throttle Skywalk journey over 820 feet height. After visiting the top-there monument, let’s go down back to earth, and found out what has been going on while you are above; Australian War Memorial. It is located in Canberra, and it becomes the most famous monument. There, you will find the Hall of Velour, the Hall of Memory, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a history research center, and sculpture garden. Moreover, you can also dig the more interesting facts about Australian history to the guide who will accompany you strolling; digging the knowledge deeper and deeper is recommended for the guides are free of charge!

So far, Australia has offered you the three monuments which has the different function, scenery, and record of civilization. Thus, to get to know the three more, visit the link. Happy holiday!