Ideas For Doing Scrapbooking Heritage Recipe Albums

Heritage albums recipes are a treasure of incalculable value. Of food often has strong ties with our emotions and memories. Certain foods can remind us of Thanksgiving Grandma, or baskets of gifts received at Christmas. Most of us associate certain foods with certain events, people and traditions. The foods that remind us of the home or family are often a comfort.

Many of us have family recipes that have been passed from generation to generation. The memories and stories are often lost from one generation to the next. Recipe scrapbooks not only retain the same recipe, but sincere advice and stories that accompany them.

Recipe Collection
Collection of recipes and memories of family members is the most important task in creating a heritage recipe album. Send a letter or email to ask some of his favorite family recipes. Click to include thoughts and memories of each recipe.

Include a list of questions to get the information you need for each recipe. You may want to keep in mind that the person should not feel obliged to answer all questions for each recipe. Hopefully some great memories cause. Ask them to include a photo of an occasion where he used the recipe. Here are some possible questions:

* Who is this recipe?
* Who in your family do it more often, or is more strongly associated with this recipe?
* What is the origin of the recipe?
* Who is this favorite recipe and why?
* Are there any memorable story associated with this recipe?
* Are there any tips or suggestions in the preparation of this recipe?
* Is there a special secret ingredient in this recipe?
* Is there a certain time of year that your family enjoys this recipe?
* Was this recipe is served on one memorable occasion or event?

Scrapbook Design Tips
Now that you have gathered all your recipes and information, it is time to start the album. Here are some things to consider before you start laying out pages.

* Choose your disk size and type
* Make a list of recipe categories to be included
* Divide the recipe into appropriate categories
* Choose a color, pattern or some way to distinguish each category

You are ready to begin your recipe album. Some pages have been suggested include:

* Title - This may include the name of the family home recipes.
* Dedication Page - This is a great place to describe a person or family and why the album was created.
* Table of Contents - List of each food category in the book, ei: main dishes, side dishes, salads and desserts.
* Subtitle page - List of each recipe includes in that category.
* Recipe Page - For large disks (12 X 12) of a single page recipe will work. For smaller albums (8 x 8) a two-page spread may work better.
o Use photo corners to attach the recipe card
o Include a photo of people or events in which the recipe is served
Include information or questions submitted

Scrapbooking is a way of recipes creative fun to retain many treasured family traditions. A digital album is a great option to allow these traditions to share with everyone in the family